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Our line of high-quality uPVC windows is affordable and yet still a substantial step up in performance from tropical windows and doors. With impressive insulation, long term durability and custom color, design, and fittings options. uPVC windows represent great value for money for those seeking to maximize performance on a budget. Whether replacement or new construction, energy savings uPVC windows offer the flexibility and insulation values to cover any project's needs.
Added value that never fails to impress

Enjoy the warmth and safety of your home.

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When it comes to your standard of living and feeling comfortable at home, new windows and doors offer a lot more benefits than you would think: For instance,

  • they provide protection against break-ins,
  • keep in warmth, or cold Thermal insulation
  • reduce Air-condition cost to the minimum
  • provide scope for design
  • let in air and keep out noise.

To achieve all these above, Royal Sales windows are equipped with an array of innovative technological features.

Protection against break-ins.
A huge number of all burglaries in The Gambia are committed through an unlocked door or open window without the use of force, with the forcing of insecure doors and windows accounting for the rest.

Windows and doors play a critical part in the security of your home. The performance of your doors and windows will be defined by locking mechanisms and hardware but also your choice of window and door system.

Designing out crime
Our German-engineered energy efficient window and door Profiles system (ALUPLAST) has been designed to help keep burglars out. It features local thickening of profile walls and where appropriate, steel reinforcement to increase resistance to attack. This also provides an improved fix.

Save energy with thermal insulation

Are your AIR CONDITION costs too high? Normally, this is in fact down to your windows, not your AIR CONDITION system.

With energy-saving windows by ROYAL SALES, you are not only saving money, but you also do something for the environment.

Reduce your home's energy consumption with ROYAL SALES (aluplast window PROFILES) a noticeable financial relief for you and an important step towards ecological responsibility.

Sound insulation
Noise has turned into one of the greatest problems in urban areas. Noise stresses our body, particularly as we cannot control whether, when and to what extent we are exposed to it.

Your home should be a haven of peace and calm where you come home and recover. Create your own haven of peace and quiet – With soundproof windows. You will feel and hear the difference

ROYAL SALES offer seven different profiles to form the basis of your custom window. From there, you can further configure them to meet your exact needs in terms of style and function. This includes special glazing for insulation, soundproofing, or security as well as opening (tilt, sliding or open) custom colors and hardware.

Our uPVC profiles from ALUPLAST come in a variety of configurations with multiple interior chambers and optional insulating foam fillings. Come to our office for more information.

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